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Teleprompter Rentals


What is a teleprompter?

A teleprompter is equipment used to display smooth scrolling text (similar to credits at the end of a movie).  The text is read by someone who is in front of a camera, live audience, or both.  As the text is read, a teleprompter operator uses a computer to control the speed of the scrolling text to closely follow the speech pattern and delivery of the speaker.  There are some common applications of teleprompting that you may already be familiar with: 


News Anchor.

Ever wonder how a news anchor can get the whole story right, even if it's a long and complicated one?  Well, thanks to a teleprompter they can read the story, word for word, while looking directly into the camera.  The secret is reflective glass that is positioned to reflect a video monitor with the scrolling text on it.  The camera's lens is placed directly behind the reflective glass.  Like magic... the scrolling text is clearly seen by the news anchor in front of the reflective glass, but is completely invisible to the camera behind the lens.  The same method can be used by virtually anyone on TV or video who talks directly to the camera.


"State of the Union" address.

Did you ever notice that the President can deliver this yearly speech, which can last over an hour in length, without looking at notes or index cards?  And how about other politicians, business presenters, lecturers who deliver lengthy speeches without ever once looking away from their audience?  Next time, take note of the two panes of glass that are positioned at the corners of their lectern.  The glass reflect monitors that have the entire speech scrolling on them.  While the text is clearly seen from behind the lectern, it is completely invisible to the audience in front.  Behind the scenes is a teleprompter operator, controlling the speed of the scrolling text, carefully following the pace of the speaker.  The "Presidential Prompter System" can be used by anyone who speaks to a live audience from behind a lectern or podium.

What are the benefits of using a teleprompter?

Teleprompting is used to enhance performances in front of a camera or live audience.   Benefits are...

  • Script need not be memorized to be delivered with confidence, polish and accuracy.

  • Eliminate need for notes, cue cards and index cards

  • Allow speaker to focus more on style and delivery rather than memorizing content.

  • Enable presenter to maintain eye contact with the audience.

  • Reduce video production costs by making it easier to get longer and more accurate 'takes.'

  • Make complicated speeches and presentations consistent time after time.

How can I reserve a date?

The best way to reserve a date is simply to email or call us. We'll pencil in your date and follow up with you asap.

Do you have insurance?

Yes. We are fully insured including workers comp for our operators.

Do you carry backup gear?

Yes.  We are always equipped with spare gear in the van.

Are there any additional costs?

  • Parking costs are extra.

  • Overtime begins ten hours after call time.

  • Credit card payment additional 4% fee.      copyright (C) 2024

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