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Experience - We know what's expected in this competitive industry:

  • Simple booking process

  • Reliable minivans

  • Early arrival anywhere in region

  • Professional appearance + demeanor

  • Seamless integration with your crew

  • Attentive editing and expert operation

  • Well maintained gear with backups

  • Fully insured including workers comp

  • Operator directs all inquiries to you

  • Great rates with no surprises

About our commitment to providing discreet services

Our goal is to create a seamless connection with your crew, and become your 'in house' prompter people.  This means we will refer all inquiries to you, our client.  We do not solicit work from your clients.  We do not hand out business cards or have large decals and contact info on our gear.  We can be trusted to represent you even if you are not present at the shoot.  So, please add teleprompting services to your list of services and consider referring us to your colleagues.

We Cover the Entire Tri-state Region

We are location specialists. Our great rates are for shoots and shows anywhere in the NY, NJ, CT Tri-state Metro Area-- transportation gas and tolls included!

Established 1996

Howard Heitner Owner

In1996 my mission was to make booking teleprompters simple.  Now, 28 years later, we've done thousands of jobs for hundreds of clients.  And, we've worked with so many  exceptional and talented people along the way.  To all who've supported us and have been part of our success, THANK YOU!

Sincerely,  Howard Heitner,  Owner   Huntington, NY     copyright (C) 2024

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