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Prompter Rentals.  Expert Operators.  Since 1996


We know what's expected in our competitive industry...

Making teleprompting easy has been our mission for over two decades.  We've done thousands of jobs for hundreds of clients. 

And, we've worked with so many exceptional and talented people along the way.  Now, we'd like to be on your call sheet. 

  • Simple booking process

  • Reliable minivans

  • Early arrival anywhere in region

  • Professional appearance + demeanor

  • Seamless integration with your crew

  • Attentive editing and expert operation

  • Well maintained gear with backups

  • Fully insured including workers comp

  • Operator directs all inquiries to you

  • Great rates with no surprises


Choose from our extensive inventory of gear available for production and live events.

Our operator arrives with the gear so there is no separate delivery to coordinate.

  • Camera-mounted prompters

  • Freestanding prompters

  • Speech prompters

  • Presidential systems

  • Lightweight units

  • Sunlight readable hi brightness options

  • Prompters for jibs

  • Wireless solutions

  • Steadicam and hand-held prompters

  • Prompters for role-plays

  • Prompters for multi camera shoots

  • Lyric prompters for musicians

  • Interratron

  • Prompters of all sizes


Rates include:

  • Equipment AND Operator

  • Up to 10 hours on-site

  • Transportation anywhere in Tri-state Metro Area... mileage, gas and tolls are all included

  • Backup gear included


  • How to reserve a date

  • Insurance

  • Backup gear

  • Working with talent

  • Scripts

  • Additional costs


Please call 888-488-0100 or EMAIL howard@teleprompting.com to book a date, get some info, ask about availability or just chat about an upcoming project.  I'm very confident that we can provide teleprompter solutions that will meet your needs, and quite possibly surpass your ideals.  

Thank you to everyone who has supported us through the years.

It's been a pleasure serving you.  

  Howard Heitner

Teleprompters for TV, Video & All Media Production.

We offer a complete selection of teleprompter gear and packages to suit every production need.

Teleprompters for Public Speaking & Live Events.

Let us integrate our solutions with your live event production team for your next show.

  • Presidential Prompters

  • Stage Monitors

  • Speech Prompters

  • Lyric Prompters

  • Large Screen Projection

  • Backstage-only Packages

Viacom Producers and Production Mgrs.
We are an
Approved Vendor
ESPN Producers and Production Mgrs.
We are an
Approved Vendor

Our Best Prompter for Film-style Production...

Our 17" LED.  Hi-brite and Multi-format.

Features a digital 17" LED, super high bright monitor. Sturdy design for maximum compatibility with O'Connor & Arri heads. Easily converts from camera-mounted to freestanding. 

HD-SDI compatible. Complete package includes an operator and transportation anywhere in NYC Metro Area.  Email or call for more information or to put a date on hold.

Portable and Lightweight 12" Prompter...  Practical Solution for Corporate and ENG.

Our workhorse for news, standups, small corporate shoots, local spots... anywhere a compact, lightweight, camera-mounted prompter is needed. Featuring a 12" monitor and at 12 lbs., it's perfect for locations, offices, hotel rooms, conference rooms and small insert studios. Mounts on your tripod or we can supply one. Ideal on a jib, great on a small dolly and easily

mountable to professional video tripods.  Compatible with all cameras.  Can be powered with a small genny/battery for remote locations. And optional LED Super Hi Brightness models available for outdoor shoots. Complete package includes an operator and transportation anywhere in NYC Metro Area.

Freestanding Shoot-Thru 15" Prompter... Comes with its Own Stand.

Quick & Easy with No Mounting Needed

Very popular -- Large 15" prompter is independently supported on our adjustable rolling stand.  Roll it in front of the camera and raise it to cover the lens for through-the-lens prompting without the need for heavy-duty camera support.  You get the advantages of a large prompter without the need to mount it to the camera. Making it an easy choice for corporate talking-head shots.

Keep in mind, this only works when the camera is not moving.  For static head shots it's perfect.  And, since the back of the hood is wide open, two cameras can squeeze behind one prompter so you can shoot your wide and tight shots at the same time!  Also, recommended for shooting head-to-toe shots so talent can see prompter straight-on while camera is tilted down to frame full body. 

All-Purpose 15" Prompter... Maximum Versatility -

Can Be Camera-Mounted or Freestanding

Features a big, clear 15" LED monitor and is choice for digital cinematography in the studio, stage or in the field.  Perfect for larger cameras, specialty lenses and multi-camera shoots. 

Sets up quick and balances easily.  High brightness, multi-format compatibility and freestanding options available.  Email or call for more information or to put a date on hold.

Genuine AUTOSCRIPT brand 17" Prompter... For All Your Broadcast Camera-mounted Applications

Some insist on the familiarity, reliability and performance of Autoscript's 17 LED.  Hi brightness, HDSDI inputs, and rigid hood make

these iconic units stand out as the standard in so many broadcast studios.  Email or call for more information or to put a date on hold.

Lightweight 8" Prompter... for Steadicam & Handheld - 

Wireless feed for Untethered Prompting

Small size and lightweight design works well with steadicam and hand-held rigs.  Can be battery operated or powered from the camera's P-tap.

 Wireless video enables untethered operation.  Email or call for info or to put a date on hold.

Direct View Prompting Options... for Interview Look & Role Plays

One or more monitors on adjustable rolling stands are placed off-axis-- for when the subject is not looking directly into the camera.  Great for an

'interview look.'  Use a pair placed over the shoulder for crosstalk dialogue.  Ideal for role-plays and long scenes.  

'interratron' We can do it.  What is it?..
interratron, interrotron, Teleprompting.com

A creative interview method developed by filmmaker Errol Morris where live video feeds of the faces of the subject and interviewer are displayed on teleprompters instead of text.  The effect is that the subject looks directly into the camera lens, while at the same time, engaging in eye contact with the interviewer.  Here's how it works--  A teleprompter is put on the main camera (pointing at interview subject).  A second camera is set up pointing at the interviewer.  A second teleprompter is put on that second camera. The video feed from the main camera is displayed on the interviewer's teleprompter and a video feed from the second camera is displayed on the subject's teleprompter.  The effect is that the subject and interviewer make virtual eye contact with each other through the teleprompters.  Call for more info.


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