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Best Rates in Town
Teleprompting Rentals

Established in1996.
We've done thousands of jobs
for hundreds of clients.

*All Rentals Include an Operator and Free Delivery within the NY-NJ-CT Metro Area.


Huge 24" 16x9 Freestanding

Perfect for Zoom calls, Vmix, Powerpoints.

24 inch unit

15" Camera-mounted

camera mounted unit

Popular standard. Lightweight and vesatile.


Twin podium prompters keep the speakers eye contact on the audience

Presidential Teleprompter

Wireless for Steadicam

steadicam teleprompter

For steadicam and hand-held.  Small, light and wireless.

20" Freestanding

20 inch freestanding teleprompter

The advantages of a large prompter with the convenience of an adjustable rolling stand.

Icognito Prompter

'Weary Traveler' Pkg

Entire system incl 15" prompter and stand in a suitcase and backpack.. to GO THROUGH THE MAIN LOBBY of an office bldg.

Jumbo 20" Camera-mounted

20 inch camera mounted prompter on technocrane

When only the biggest will do.

Lyric Wedge

24" hi-brightness monitor fits inside a faux audio wedge.

Lyric prompters

Freestanding Shoot-thru

Freestanding Prompter

15" Prompter on its own adjustable stand.  No need for mounting. Great for static talking head.

Floor Monitors

32" monitors on the lip of the stage or anywhere else they're needed.

Floor monitors

Remote Teleprompting

Remote Teleprompting

Remote prompting via the internet on Zoom, Teams, vMix

Op w/Backstage Gear

Operator with backstage gear only.

Teleprompter Operator Only

Genuine Autoscript brand units 17"

Autoscript Teleprompters

For those who insist on the reliabilty & performance of Autoscript.

12" Camera-mounted

12 inch camera mounted

Compact, lightweight camera-mounted.  

Direct View options

Direct view teleprompters

For interview look, dialogue, role-plays and long scenes.

Find Prompters Worldwide

Free Global Listing of

Teleprompter Companies worldwide teleprompters

How to prepare to be On-Camera

Free info and essential tips

to pass along to improve

the on-camera

prompter experience

teleprompter tips

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