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Remote Teleprompting

Remote prompting via the internet for our new covid reality

Freestanding Shoot-thru

15" Prompter on its own adjustable stand.  No need for mounting. Great for static talking head.

15" Camera-mounted

Popular standard. Lightweight and vesatile.

12" Camera-mounted

Compact, lightweight camera-mounted.  

17" Camera-mounted

Sturdy design.  Great for big lenses.


Twin podium prompters keep the speakers eye contact on the audience

Jumbo 20" Camera-mounted

When only the biggest will do.

Wireless for Steadicam

For steadicam and hand-held.  Small, light and wireless.

Floor Monitors

32" monitors on the lip of the stage or anywhere else they're needed.

Genuine Autoscript brand units 17"

For those who insist on the reliabilty & performance of Autoscript.

Direct View options

For interview look, dialogue, role-plays and long scenes.

Op w/Backstage Gear

Operator with backstage gear only.



Using 2 teleprompters subject and interviewer make virtual eye contact.

20" Freestanding

The advantages of a large prompter with the convenience of an adjustable rolling stand.

Lyric Wedge

28" monitor fits inside a faux audio wedge.

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