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*All packages Include: Operator, Equipment, Transportation Gas+tolls within the Tri-state Metro Area

12" Camera-mounted

Our workhorse for news, standups, small corporate shoots, local spots... anywhere a compact, lightweight, camera-mounted prompter is needed. Featuring a 12" monitor and at 12 lbs., it's perfect for locations, offices, hotel rooms, conference rooms and small insert studios. Mounts on your tripod or we can supply one. Ideal on a slider or jib, great on a small dolly.  


15" Camera-mounted


Telescript's Fold n Go has become the popular standard for ENG.  Can be camera-mounted, as well as, freestanding.  Features a hi bright, multi-format 15" monitor.

17" Camera-mounted

Features a digital 17" LED, super high bright monitor. Perfect for full production-- National spots, TV shows, multi-camera shoots, interrotron and demanding situations.  Adaptable to any camera.  Easily convertible from camera mounted to freestanding.  HD-SDI compatible. Sturdy design perfect for large O'Connor and Arri heads.




Very popular -- prompter monitor is independently supported on our adjustable rolling stand.  Roll it in front of the camera and raise it to cover the lens for through-the-lens prompting without the need for heavy-duty camera support.  You get the advantages of a large prompter without the need to mount it to the camera. An easy choice for corporate talking-head shots.

Direct View options


One or more monitors on adjustable rolling stands are placed off-axis-- for when the subject is not looking directly into the camera.  Great for an 'interview look.'  Use a pair for crosstalk dialogue.  Ideal for role-plays and long scenes.  

Wireless for Steadicam


Small size and lightweight design works well with steadicam and hand-held rigs.  Can be battery operated or powered from the camera's P-tap. Wireless video transmission enables untethered operation.  HD-SDI compatible hi bright 8" monitor.

20" Camera-mounted


Huge 20" lcd prompter -- when only the biggest will do.  Larger version of our 17" described above.  Easily convertible from camera mounted to freestanding.  HD-SDI compatible. Sturdy design perfect for large O'Connor and Arri heads.



A creative interview method developed by filmmaker Errol Morris where live video feeds of the faces of the subject and interviewer are displayed on teleprompters instead of text. The effect is that the subject and interviewer make virtual eye contact with each other through the teleprompters.  

Genuine Autoscript brand units


Some insist on the familiarity, reliability and performance of Autoscript's 17 LED.  Hi brightness, HDSDI inputs, and rigid hood make these iconic units stand out as the standard in so many broadcast studios.     copyright (C) 2021

12" & freestanding
15inch and direct view
17inch and 8inch
20inch and interrotron
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